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God must be testing me and J

This is the email I just sent my Mom. I really don't feel like re-writing the story.

Hi Mom,

I spoke to the woman at Archdiocese. I like her a lot and I can tell she really tries. That being said I am very upset.

They lost a judge suddenly and are behind because of it. She said the remaining judges are hustling though. Still she thinks it will be a few more weeks. But she said to call her back in a few weeks and she will let me know what is happening because after the Archdiocese makes the decision it goes back to the Diocese and they contact me. Considering the date on the first judgement was 16FEB and the letter wasn't postmarked until 02MAR I am so not waiting for the Diocese to send me a letter.

So I will call again somewhere around the 18th and hopefully get the news.

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Mom told me about this when I called this morning. I'm sorry. I think God would like that you are talking things into your own hands though (not waiting for Bridgeport to send me a letter), that whole god helps those that help themselves thing.
erg, i'm so sorry about this. it's good that you have a contact in Hartford who will let you know what's going on, at least.

I am so at a loss for words over this!

I love you Sandy!